STEP 1: Template

Download a cap template and fill out all the details of the custom cap that you would like to create. We call it Tech Pack or Technical Package which encloses all the information of the cap necessary to create the prototype cap and that manufacturer needs to make before making mass order. We can mention the main ones such as the style of hat, the type of fabric, the colors, the type of embellishment of the logo(s), its position on the hat, the customized taping/sweatband, the different woven labels like brand label on sweatband, the type of closure, etc…

Here is an example of the tech pack and the sample we made:

Note: we can work on all type of template (yours, ours or competitor’s ones) and we highly suggest you to make samples in different factories to compare quality.

STEP 2: Sampling

Send us your final design and we will quote you based on your target quantity. Once client agrees on pricing and details on the tech pack, we can start sampling:

  1. pprepare the embellishment of the logo
  2. prepare the embellishment of the logo
    • Embroidery: digitalize the logo for embroidery machine in our factory
    • Printing: send to our printing suppliers depending of the type of prints
    • Mold: send to our mold suppliers depending on the type of molds
  3. Once all material is ready, the sample room make the prototype cap (cutting of fabric as per paper pattern specific to the style of hat, sewing the different panels, brim, sweatband, taping, the different woven labels, closure,eyelets, button,…)

Please note that we require client’s assistance all along sampling stage as client needs to confirm with us all the different process such as color confirmation on fabric and color from swatch card, confirmation of the embroiderysew-out, confirmation of the mold drawing, confirmation of the different woven labels… We would like that client can follow with us the progress of the sampling stage and in the mean time confirm all the details that customer wants in order to make the right sample in one time.

We offer one Free sample to new clients (shipping and mold fees excluded). Then we charge USD 50 / pcs the following samples.

For regular clients, we don't charge any samples fees.

Reminder: our normal Minimum Order Quantity is 300 pcs / style / color / size. Sometimes, we might do less than 300 pcs when the production schedule is not full, but it is very rare. When we do it, the strict minimum is really 100 pcs / style / color / size and with high surcharge. Please do not contact us if your target quantiy is less than 100 pcs / style / color / size to avoid losing time for both parties.

Sampling time takes about 10 days more or less depending on your requirements (special fabric to source or mold to open, etc…) and the queue in our sampling room.

Once the cap sample is ready, we send you by email pictures from different angles to show you how the cap turns out and then we send it to you to check physically.

We send you invoice of shipping (depending on your countries, but usually about USD 50-75) and mold fees or printing fees if there are. After your payment, we send it to you by Express (DHL, Fedex, UPS or TNT)

Then we await your comments, once you receive the hard sample. If you need to modify it, we will make a Pre-Production Sample (PPS) for your 2nd approval. The free PPS is subject to the confirmation of the bulk order as we need to purchase the real qty of fabric at the same time. Most of time, if the modifications are not major, we just show the revisions in picture by email to avoid the back and forth in time and in cost. Of course, if client requires to get physically the PPS, we can send it as well. In case of the sample turns out perfectly, then we can process the mass order.

STEP 3: Mass Order

Once the customer confirms the sample or PPS, we send to customer the invoice for deposit payment.

we can’t change anything after client confirms sample/PPS and we proceed to the mass production. Our colleague in charge of sampling will fill-out an internal form with all the details which will allow our whole team to follow-up the mass production like:

  • Purchasing team: info of the fabric, price, qty of yard matching to the qty of caps to buy, supplier info, etc…
  • Production team: final comments of customer to make on the bulk.
  • Packing team: packing and trims instructions.

The lead time or production time is about 25-35 days. After the deposit payment is confirmed, our purchasing team will order the fabric nearby the fabric supplier.

To understand the cap manufacturing process, please click it.

In this stage, actually, client doesn’t have much to do excepted confirming several details. This stagebelongs to us as manufacturer.

The main task for customer is in filling out as detailed as possible the template so that we can make the perfect cap sample.

Once the mass order is ready, we send to client pictures of the bulk order. Our strict Quality Control is already a guaranty of quality. But we also welcome customer to come to QC or have a 3rd party to QC. Indeed, we encourage customer to visit/meet us and to have a better view of our manufacturing process and quality of our headwear. Many clients often come once to visit us for the 1st order, then trust us for the following orders. And it is always good to meet face to face.

STEP 4: Shipping

We send to client the packing list / commercial invoice and ask client his forwarder’s contact. After client’s balance payment, we arrange the loading of the order with the forwarder.

If client would like different shipping quotations from our different forwarders, we are also pleased to check the cheapest shipping method. After the choice on the shipping, we send to client the balance invoice (shipping fees included or not) and we arrange shipping after the balance payment.

We will advise the cheapest shipping methods.

New Generation
Lead Time
Client fills out the tech pack as detailed as possible

Not Applicable

Depending on client

2. Sampling

Client confirms some details during sampling such as color of fabric, embroidery sew-out, printing, etc…

Factory proceeds sample as per client’s tech pack (purchase of fabric, digitizing of embroidery then embroidery sew-out, print taping/sweatband, metal/leather mold/…)

About 10-15 days

3. Mass Order

  1. Client sends PO with confirmation on the sample/PPS and arranges deposit payment to start the order
  2. When the order is finished, client completes the balance payment
  1. Factory starts to purchase fabric after customer’s deposit payment. Then factory produces bulk after client’s confirmation on the sample or PPS.
    Factory makes sure that production is same as sample.
  2. Factory sends pictures of the bulk order
About 25 -35 days
4. Shipping
  1. Client provides his own forwarder’s contact
  2. Or requests Factory to provide shipping quotation
  1. Factory arranges the loading of the order with client’s forwarder
  2. Or Factory arranges the shipping with NG’s forwarder
By Sea: 3-4 weeks
By Air Express: 5-10 days
By Air + Delivery: 5-10 days

With your design, we create your sample

Baseball Cap Sample

Baseball Cap Sample

5 Panels Camp Cap Sample

5 Panels Camp Cap Sample

Beanie Sample

Beanie Sample

Snapback Cap Sample

Snapback Cap Sample

Snapback Cap Proto-Sample

Snapback Cap Proto-Sample

Unstructured  Baseball Cap Sample

Unstructured Baseball Cap Sample


And we produce your bulk order

Baseball Cap Bulk Order

Baseball Cap Bulk Order

5 Panels Camp Bulk Order

5 Panels Camp Bulk Order

Beanie Bulk Order

Beanie Bulk Order

Snapback Cap Bulk Order

Snapback Cap Bulk Order

Snapback Cap Bulk Order

Snapback Cap Bulk Order

Unstructured  Baseball Cap Bulk Order

Unstructured Baseball Cap Bulk Order

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