Private Label Manufacturer

New Generation is a one stop shop for your custom, private label headwear needs.


Our pride is in manufacturing custom private label headwear with the highest standards of quality in mind. If you have a logo or need custom creative designs, we can do all that to final product you don’t need to contact anyone else but us!

With an undeniable passion for innovation, involvement in our community, and business practices that are forward thinking, our team has become a model for conscious business practices. We have been offering our private labeling services and white labeling services for over many years. Our private label services are of the best caliber, and our creative design team will bring the hat that you’ve always wanted for your company, organization, or team to life.


The list of capabilities our design team possesses is endless. We’ve been designing wearable art since 1973, and have honed our skills to be the sharpest in the industry. If you have any idea for a hat that you would like to represent your brand, company, store, or team, we will walk with you through each step of designing a masterpiece, from the main sketch to finished product. We have a natural talent for bringing your ideas to life, and are backed by a long list of satisfied customers.


Our materials are sourced from only the finest of manufacturers and must pass a strict and expansive battery of tests to be deemed suitable for use in our products. As for the decorative accoutrements, our design team has the connections to acquire truly stunning additions to our production process.


The prototype phase is where the rubber meets the road. Once we draw up all of the in’s and outs of a new hat design, we figure out which materials we will need, how much of each, and how to assemble them most effectively. We spend a lot of time on this phase making changes as we need and finding out the most effective production techniques to apply when building a specific design. We catalog all statistic regarding time spent and materials used in making the hat to find out a fair price based on our overall investment.


Arguably the most important phase in the design process, in this step we fine tune and streamline the entire building process to result in the speediest delivery and lowest possible price on the consumer end, without skimping on the quality of our products in the slightest.

To Find the right private label manufacturer can be difficult. You’re putting your trust and reputation into a product. At New Generation our ultimate goal is to insure you receive a product you will more than stand by, and will tweak and adjust the design as many times as it takes to achieve that. Simply giving us a call with some questions is enough to get the ball rolling on one of the best decisions you will ever make.